Site of Grimmenstein

The business premises Grimmenstein was founded back in 1879 by Hermann Walli. First, the site was used as ground wood mill. Later on, cardboard packing’s were produced. Since the mid-thirties cellulose and cotton products have been produced. Soon the company became a competent consultant. In the late eighties the company was acquired by Paul Hartmann AG Heidenheim. Thus, a lot of investors joined which then led to a reinforcement of capacity and competitiveness.

Today, the production facility consists of two paper machines to guarantee the supply of raw materials, a production lane for producing bed underlays, a clean-room for the production of sterile cellulose swabs and several other installations. Current director of the site is Herbert Baumgartner who works with 70 dedicated employees.


Profümed GmbH

Wechselbundesstraße 81

2840 Grimmenstein


Telephone: +43 (0) 2644 – 7327-0
Fax: +43 (0) 2644 – 2166


The facility in Grimmenstein is producing in a sustainable way, beginning with the raw materials procurement to the disposal of generated waste. These processes are constantly improved and certified by independent partners.

Certificates Grimmenstein

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 13485:2016


ISO 14001:2015


Environmental Statement 2021


EC-Certificate MDD Annex V


The Profümed GmbH is located in Lower Austria having a direct access to the A2 motorway. Furthermore the factory is connected to the Austrian rail network of Aspangbahn.