Hygienic cleaning wipe

The hygienic cleaning wipe
a Profümed product

Our hygienic cleaning wipes consist of either three or four layers of recycled cellulose. Therefore, this product is especially environmental friendly. The practice has shown that the wipes have a high dirt and moisture absorption capacity. The product is versatility applicable in subject to the chosen quality.



Universal usability for cleaning surfaces and equipment.

Application areas: hospitals, nursing homes and services, cosmetics and household and further more.

The hygienic cleaning wipe can also be used for body care.



  • Nature
  • Premium
  • Premium Deluxe
  • Premium Blue

Product Description:


  • hygienic cleaning wipe, wet-strength
  • odorless
  • individually removable
  • layers: 3 or 4
  • size: (width x length) 370 mm x 365 mm
  • 100% scrap paper
  • standard packaging: 50 pieces per PE bag with perforation to easily open the bag (if wished individual quantity)